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VII delivers a unique brand of classic true metal rarely found in the current industry. Returning to the roots of what made heavy metal what it is today and garnered legions of faithful metal heads. They stick to their roots…no compromises…full on true metal for true metal fans

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New offering from VII. Sneak preview of a song of the upcoming LP…Cronicus.

VII releases a couple demo tracks from the upcoming EP “Metal Maniacal”. Check it out below!


KK Downing’s Steel Mill reviews VII’s Deadly Sins album.

Read the full review here!


Full length debut albumĀ ”Deadly Sins” now available. Buy the album and download here. CD’s also available at VII live performances.


Check Judgement for live schedule.

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  1. Hey like your sound and this is Jose from Hardee’s Jeff in SW MN and Google Black Mask Armada to listen to other songs they have

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